Brilliant. One of the most moving, captivating and compelling personal experiences I have had. The drama of the book of Acts comes alive in an amazing feat of acting.

John MacArthur | Pastor & Author

Recently we had the privilege of hosting Acts the 3-Man Show and I want you to know it was epic. The presentation of the gospel was clear, convicting and compelling and the dramatization was Biblically accurate and tremendously authentic. The invitation to follow Jesus, even when it costs, was very convicting. When they were finished you didn’t know if you should stand to your feet and applaud or bow your head and weep. So we did both. It is without reservation as a Senior Pastor I recommend this gospel presentation to you. Bring them to your ministry. You’ll see the entire book of Acts come alive right in front of your people and they will thank you for having them come.

Ken Whitten, Senior Pastor, Idlewild Baptist Church | Lutz, FL

Los Angeles is home to some of the best acting talent in the world and there is no room for low-production value performances. Acts the 3-Man Show surprised even the seasoned professional actors in our congregation with its captivating storyline and moving performances. In a time when most Christian productions either water down the gospel or the production value, Acts the 3-Man Show is a marvelous example of Biblically faithful, artistically excellent performance.

Brian Colmery, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church | Los Angeles, CA

I have never seen a more emotionally engaging, intellectually gripping, Scripturally accurate, Christ-centered, Gospel focused, professionally performed dramatic presentation than this. The performance was moving, thrilling, captivating, of the highest order.

Todd Cathey, Executive Pastor, Arrow Heights Baptist Church | Broken Arrow, OK

Incredibly profound. The finest New Testament dramatization I have ever seen.

Clayton Erb, Director of Worship, Grace Community Church | Sun Valley, CA

Powerful, moving, and faithful to God’s Word. The Bible magnificently brought to life through dramatic excellence. If there is any hesitation to scheduling Acts the 3-Man Show, let me say that it is absolutely worth it. My church is still talking about it.

Nathan Smith, Senior Pastor, Heritage Baptist Church | Lynchburg, VA

We had the pleasure of having Acts the 3-Man Show as part of this year’s annual women’s conference. These men are phenomenal actors, but even more noticeable than their acting skills is their love for Jesus Christ and the gospel. They perform humbly, giving all glory to God. The drama is scripturally accurate, many times quoting actual passages of scripture word for word. It also intertwines parts of the epistles to tell the life of Peter and Paul. I am still in awe of it! These words from the women who attended say it best…”amazing, left me speechless, powerful, spellbinding, unforgettable, the best Biblical drama I have ever seen.” Well done, good and faithful servants!

Karen Rucker, Director, Devoted Hearts Conference | Rochester, MN

I can’t say enough about how powerful the show was. It is one of the most incredible Biblical performances I have ever seen. God uses this group in a powerful way to put on a living sermon with all the action and adventure the book of Acts has in it. It is the Gospel on display.

Ned Nugent, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church | Seminole, TX

A powerful drama. Book this show – they are worth the investment. It’s an awesome display of the Word of God. I have heard many of our congregants say they are going back to read the book of Acts and that was a joy to hear.

Gary Williams, Senior Pastor, Hopewell Church | Jacksonville, FL

We were absolutely blown away. By the end of the show there literally was a hush. No one wanted to move. We were so overwhelmed by the intensity. They have so helped minister to my soul and to our people here. We have been overwhelmed with comments. I would highly recommend that you have these brothers in. They are committed to truth. They are committed to Christ. They are committed to the church. I can’t more highly recommend them.

Thomas Clay, Worship Director, Grace Life Church | Muscle Shoals, AL

It was an absolutely powerful experience that makes the power of the gospel fresh and vital. Acts has been made vivid in my mind and heart. There were so many layers to both the story of the early church and to your rendering of it. The unsettling nature of evil came up sharply against the passionate faith of the early church leaders and missionaries. Personally I know that what your storytelling has planted in my mind will be a major help in how I think about church community and the sharing of the gospel going forward. Thank you for all that you have poured into bringing the truth of the message of Jesus Christ to life. 

Jake Dodson, Pastor of Music & Arts, Peninsula Bible Church | Palo Alto, CA

I can’t say enough about Acts the 3-Man Show. Phenomenal. True to the biblical text, compelling, high quality acting. My church loved it. At the end we had 12 people give their heart to Christ, which makes it all worthwhile. These three men love the Lord and you will be greatly blessed working with them.

Tim Forsthoff, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church | Highland, MI

I was impressed with the faithfulness to the Book of Acts, the evident great care that was taken when interpretations were necessary, and the creative way that such a vast account was portrayed all in one evening. It was intense, it was moving, and always faithful to focus not on the greatness of the characters but on that of God Himself.

Dr. Dale B. Welden, Senior Pastor, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church | Columbia, SC

Such a fantastic event. I went in with high expectations from what I had heard and I was still blown away. Phenomenal acting and production.

Will Orr, Director, Young Life | Culpeper VA

Acts the 3-Man Show was an inspirational depiction of the events of the early church. You won’t find a higher quality Biblical theater event anywhere and the guys were a blast to work with.

Kelly Kirschman, Worship Leader, Central Assembly of God | Great Falls, MT

Acts the 3-Man Show brought a life changing experience to the people of Kirksville. Three men in two hours brought the book of Acts to life in an extraordinary performance that increased your faith and brought life to your spirit. The show left you spellbound and wanting more; more faith, more power and more of God in your life! Thanks for a job well done!

Pastor Paul Shipman, Station Manager, Bott Radio Network | Kirksville, MO

Outstanding. Our people saw the book of Acts come alive. Have these guys to your church – it will be the best decision you will make all year.

Dr. Ronnie Falvey, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church | Madison, MS

Captivating. Inspiring. Convicting. Enlightening. Inviting. Just a few of the words that describe my feelings during and after experiencing Acts the 3-Man Show. The story of the early church came alive as the characters were powerfully portrayed on the stage, the Good News of Jesus Christ was so clearly revealed. You’ll be blessed and grateful as you experience the message, talent and passion of this dramatic portrayal of all that Jesus continued to do in the world after His ascension.

Dr. Marty Akins, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church | Denver City, TX

I’ve been the pastor here for 40 years and tonight we had Acts the 3-Man Show here. It was absolutely fantastic, of superb quality, a true rendition of the book of Acts. Invite this team into your church because you will not be disappointed, it is phenomenal. Take my word for it, it will be a blessing to your church and to many other churches in your area. May God lead you to use this team in a mighty way.

Bob Green, Senior Pastor, Arrow Heights Baptist Church | Broken Arrow, OK

As a broadcaster, we are always looking for a fresh way to share the message that has meant so much to us over the years. Acts the 3-Man Show brings an enjoyable and relevant message  to the Church and it’s done in the most professional manner possible. Everyone that attended were stunned at the emotionally powerful presentation and walked away with a profound new perspective on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All our expectations were exceeded.

Ken Anderson, General Manager, WBVN-FM Radio | Marion, IL

Just incredible. It causes you to rethink what Acts was really about and makes you want to be bolder in your witness. It is a powerful motivation for Christians to up their game when it comes to following Christ. What really impressed me with the show was that, over and over, you keep getting the gospel, you keep getting the person of Jesus and the fact that he’s forgiven and transformed your life. The quality of the drama is just so high. I had an English teacher here who takes his students to see plays in Stratford, England, who says that Acts the 3-Man Show rivals those.

Dan Lute, Senior Pastor, Word of Life Baptist Church | Alpena, MI

This show will keep you riveted to your seat as you watch these characters come alive and will compel you to go back and reread the book of Acts. It is truly a Biblically accurate show and a blessing to see.

Paul Tessari, Senior Pastor, Trinity Bible Church | Fredericksburg, VA

Acts the 3-Man Show is a very high quality production that draws in an audience of all ages and faithfully brings to life the Acts of the Apostles. Because the production remains faithful to Scripture, I greatly appreciated as a pastor hearing various members of our church community relating how experiencing the play helped them to understand and more greatly appreciate the book of Acts. They related that the characters became less distant and more real to them, the suffering and opposition to the Church became more real and the power of the Holy Spirit more glorious. Many of us wept at different points during the performance as the events portrayed struck us profoundly.

Dan Hite, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church | Memphis, MO

We were looking for a creative way to present the gospel to our community and Acts the 3-Man Show proved to be the perfect vehicle.

Michael Sindelar, Senior Pastor, Valley Evangelical Free Church | Chaska, MN

Simplistic sets, sound doctrine, and a common vision allow three actors to effectively portray the history of the early church…Condensing the 28 chapters of Acts plus Peter and Paul’s martyrdom into a two-hour performance that captures the heart of the Biblical narrative was no easy feat…

World Magazine | Jan 2013

Biblically accurate, professionally and dramatically captivating. Our audience was totally involved from the stoning of Stephen to the deaths of Peter and Paul. The book of Acts truly came alive!

Bruce Nelson, Conference Director, Cedar Falls Bible Conference | Cedar Fall, IA

When I was told of the vision for this play, I expected it to be a challenge for the actors. The actual performance of the drama, however, exceeded even my own expectations. Being a professor of Biblical Studies, I was so impressed that the research into the historical characters like the Herods was so accurate and skillfully worked into the script. It was truly a unique aesthetic experience that also profoundly moved me spiritually.

Dr. William Varner, The Masters College | Santa Clarita, CA

This show is stellar. It’s more inhabiting the story of Acts than it is a play, but the way that these three men put the gospel on its feet is beyond worth your time. If you want to get a gospel supercharge, see the resurrection preached with vigor and passion, then prepare to be amazed at the power of the Holy Spirit on display in Acts the 3-Man Show.

Chris Harrison, Senior Pastor, Glendale Presbyterian Church | Glendale, CA

It was an awesome presentation of the book of Acts. The message was clear and compelling. Spending time with the cast was a blessing. It’s obvious that they genuinely love the Lord and love His church, not just putting on an act or a show. The conclusion was very inspiring and challenging. Listening to some of the comments of our people, it was a blessing to me to know how God ministered to them and helped them in their Christian walk. I pray that God will continue to bless the cast as they serve Him in this tremendous ministry.

Bob Heustess, Senior Pastor, Grace Memorial Baptist Church | Slidell, LA

Acts the 3-Man Show exceeded every expectation The story was moving, the acting was superb and God’s Spirit was evidenced as we witnessed the book of Acts come to life. I recommend this show without reservations.

Rob Jackson, Senior Pastor, Central Baptist Church | Decatur, AL

Often I hear people talk about visiting the Holy Land, seeing the sights and places. They say that they will never read the Bible again in the same manner after they’ve done that. Tonight, Acts the 3-Man Show has brought the characters of the book of Acts to a greater realization. As I read the Scripture, it will take on new meaning. Thank you for being true to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Brian Blass, Central Baptist Church | Decatur, AL

Watching Paul and the the other Apostles experience the miracles in the early church, I felt as though I was transported back in time. As I saw Scripture come to life right before my eyes I experienced the full range of human emotion. An inspiring and heart-stirring production.

GW Dameron, Senior Pastor, City on a Hill Church | Culpeper, VA

Acts the 3-Man Show is unparalleled in its balance of artistic excellence and Biblical faithfulness. These men make the people and events that shaped the early church come alive on the stage so convincingly and do so with amazing humility and authenticity. It is not often that I can recommend an artistic production with such whole-hearted conviction, but Acts the 3-Man Show is one that fully deserves it.

Grant Wall, Associate Pastor of Worship, Arrow Heights Baptist Church | Broken Arrow, OK

Absolutely amazing. Not only the physical aspect of the acting, but the message that spoke to our people and spoke to me concerning how we ought to be bold in living for Christ. Bring them to your church, transform the lives of your people, reach out to your community in a non-threatening manner and clearly hear the Gospel!

Mark Lindsey, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church | Big Spring, TX

This presentation stirred my soul and these actors are committed to Christ. I pray that many believers will see this. May many who know not Christ come to know Him.

Pastor Don Noble, First Baptist Church | Kirksville, MO

Exceeded our expectations in every way. It was absolutely spectacular. The acting and effects were superb and the music was incredible. It brought the Gospel and the story of the early church fathers to life. I highly endorse this show and I think that it will live in the hearts of people until they reach glory. I can’t imagine a better event to bring to your church.

Brian Felten, Worship Director, Grace Community Church | Hudsonville, MI

An incredible time of worship for our entire church family. The following day as we sang a song of sacrifice and surrender, my wife leaned over and said to me “my worship this morning is so incredibly vivd after seeing the show last night.” I cannot think of a better way to capture my own thoughts in response to the show.

Pastor Scott Mehl, Cornerstone Church | Los Angeles, CA

This dynamic group of men brought the book of Acts to life right before our eyes. Their passion for the Word coupled with the excellence of their craft created a spiritual moment for our audience.

Andrew Cromwell, Senior Pastor, Koinonia Christian Fellowship | Hanford, CA

The show was fantastic – Biblically enlightening, spiritually moving and professionally done. It is something to which you’d feel very comfortable inviting your non-Christian friends. It open your eyes to see the book of Acts in fresh and compelling ways.

Michael Brock, Senior Pastor, Eastern Shore Presbyterian Church | Fairhope, AL

I walked away being reminded that these {characters} were ordinary men who were transformed by the power of God through Christ by the Holy Spirit and indeed could do all things through Christ who strengthened them and He can still do the same today.

Ned Nugent, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church | Seminole, TX

If you believe the Word of God is living and active, then I would encourage you to pray about bringing this talented group into your community. Their performance brings the Word of God alive and it captures all ages with its passion and energy.

Scott Starkweather, Director, My Choice Conference | Orange City, IA

I loved it. the work in editing the Biblical material and adding context and characters was wonderful. All three actors were so engaging and marvelous. It was truly a joy!

Kim Dorr-Tilley, Entertainment Director, Bel-Air Presbyterian Church | Los Angeles, CA

For what you get the money is well worth it. You don’t have to be the mega-church, you can be a small church and they will make it work. The guys are so great to work with and use what you have to make a performance that’s just incredible.

Dan Lute, Senior Pastor, Word of Life Baptist Church | Alpena, MI

One of the most powerful moving productions I’ve seen. While Paul and the Apostles sought holiness, they were also human and the actors superbly created that element. The music, attention to exegetical accuracy and spectacle with few props and only three men playing multiple parts is truly astounding.

Ryan O’Quinn, National Speaker Manager, Compassion International

Acts the 3-Man Show will follow you home, invade your conscience, and challenge you to take up your own sword for God with the talents He has given to you. Daunting, clear and powerful, kudos have to be given to this ensemble tour-de-force.

Sgt Jerry Della Salla, US Army-Veteran | Actor – Green Zone (with Matt Damon)

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